Deploying slim RESTFUL app to production


Hello, I want to thanks everyone involved into create this framework, I have been enjoying it a lot since 2 days ago when I first started using it…

that said… I would like to get some help here, I did develop an app with slim and with my xampp server works great, then I tried to deploy it to my live server and it just refuses to work… I dont know if somehow I am missing some step, honestly dont know if I have to install composer (somehow) in my live server.

My app structure is


same as my webserver structure… by testing, my db connection is good as I tried with some connection test script in the index.php and it works great…

By doing echo “debug”

//here echo “debug works”

use \Psr\Http\Message\ServerRequestInterface as Request;
use \Psr\Http\Message\ResponseInterface as Response;

//here echo “debug works”

require ‘…/vendor/autoload.php’;
require ‘…/src/config/db.php’;

//here echo “debug works”

$app = new \Slim\App;

//***********************************************HERE echo “debug” DOES NOT WORKS

//Clientes route
require ‘…/src/routes/costumers.php’;


something is causing the app to stop working after the $app = new \Slim\App; got over 10 hours reading and trying to fix the issue with no luck… would appreciate the help.

Thanks in advance


Well at the end I read that Slim needs at least php 5.5 to work and my hosting provider sets 5.4 by default… once I changed it the API went silk smooth… thanks anyways… keep doing the great work you have been doing so far… cheers


Hi, I’m glad you solved it!


thanks hehe… I am way ahead in the develpment atm… restful its so convenient…