Best practice to access db from an Entity (first app tutorial)


I’m using Slim to write an API and I have followed this tutorial with TicketMapper and TicketEntity organisation :

So, I would like to be able to access the database into a TicketEntity getter, by example :

class TicketEntity implements JsonSerializable


    public function getId() {
        // how to access $app->db here ? 
        return $this->id;

I found a way by adding an db attribute on the TicketEntity class and pass $this->db from the TicketMapper like this :
new TicketEntity($params, $this->db)

… but it seems dirty because I need to perform it everytime TicketEntity is instantiated.

Is there a better way to access the database from an entity ?

Thanks !

I haven’t spent much time following that tutorial, but it seems like you are asking about best practices around dependency injection. There is a good article about dependency injection with Slim, and some good conversation in the comments as well.

Perhaps the TicketMapper is a more logical place for database calls? It already has access to the database through inheritance of Mapper. It will keep your entity agnostic of the database.

Thanks all for your replies !