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Hi, the name of the app is qknow (quick knowledge) . The application houses subjects taught in the Ghanaian curriculum for now. An online classroom where learning is more interactive and fun and where students become creative thinkers and innovators. The intent of this application is to make learning more fun, interesting, attractive, and very practical for students. Ghanaian students are faced with the challenge of always enduring theory with no idea of how what they study is implemented in the real world and so Q-Know comes with associated games and activities aimed at making what the student learns very practical. We seek to engage students on the African continent and the world at large in creative thinking, innovation and competition on our Qknow community page where students are allowed to express their intellectual abilities in tackling global problems.


  1. I need help with updating the profiles page. You can only change your first name and last name but I want to add schools, phone number, location, profile photo etc.
  2. I need help in building an interactive reader to aid users in learning.
  3. I need help in integrating a quiz platform with leader-board where users can compete against each other.
  4. I need a backend for admins to update the app.

Below are some images of the app

Thanks for using Slim! Your post contains several questions, and each question is itself a very broad subject with many possible solutions.

  1. Profile pages

I assume you have an underlying database like MySQL? I also assume you are authenticating users and using sessions. If so, you can persist the profile data for the “logged in” user to MySQL.

  1. Interactive reader

What do you mean by “interactive reader”?

  1. Quiz platform

This could be a standalone application. You’ll want to model the underlying database schema to store relational data about quizzes, questions, and answers. You’ll then likely want to use an ORM like Eloquent to model your relations in code and use the ORM to collect and persist information submitted by your site users.

You can derive leader board stats from the answers submitted by your users.

  1. Backend

This could also be a standalone app. However you build it, I would use Bootstrap or Zurb Foundation for the HTML/CSS to avoid writing a lot of boilerplate markup/css.

Slim can be used for one or all of these… there are many ways to solve each one. My recommendation is to focus on one at a time.

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Thanks alot. All this is too much to take in as its a big project and im new to object oriented programming as well as slimphp. Wish i could get someone to look at the files and help me out.

In that case why not simplify the project and start off with smaller chunks. Separate out each part as its own project as this will be a learning while building process. We are more than happy to point you in the right direction where necessary.

Note: I am in Accra every now and then, so if you wanted to meet on one of my trips, we could arrange this.

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Wow. That will be great. Sure i’m all in!! how do i contact you?