Creating a CSV File in Python: Need Guidance and Code Example

I’m relatively new to Python and I’m trying to create a CSV file from data within my program. I’ve read a bit about the csv module, but I’m not entirely sure about the best approach to create a CSV file and populate it with data. Could someone guide me through the process and provide a code example?

Let’s say I have a list of dictionaries containing data about products, like so:

products = [
    {"ProductID": 1, "ProductName": "Widget A", "Price": 10.99},
    {"ProductID": 2, "ProductName": "Widget B", "Price": 15.99},
    {"ProductID": 3, "ProductName": "Widget C", "Price": 8.49}

I want to create a CSV file named products.csv with the following headers: “ProductID”, “ProductName”, and “Price”, and then populate it with the data from the products list.
I tried looking for a solution by visiting numerous forums and websites like this, but I was unable to do so. Could someone provide me an example of how to accomplish this using the Python csv module? I would be very grateful for any advice!

Please note that this is not a Python forum.

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