DeferredCallable have a public getter for callable

Hi, I am using chadicus/oauth to put oauth scopes around my paths. It works great, but I created a route to get all routes and their scopes. The problem is when I iterate through a Route and its RouteGroups and get the middleware, they are all DeferredCallable instances and the internal $callable is private. Can you please add a public getter for the callable so that I can get the actual Middleware that was added please? This way I can get the scopes from the Authorization middleware in chadicus/slim-oauth2-middleware.

Thanks much!
P.S. Yes I know that I will need to pass an array by instance through this function to get the scopes; this is just a proof of concept.

private function _getScopes( Routable $r ) {
		foreach ($r->getMiddleware() as $m) {
			// $m is a DeferredCallable and I can't get the private callable!!!
			echo $m instanceof Authorization ? 'yes' : 'no';
		if($r instanceof Route) {
			foreach($r->getGroups() as $g)

Can you create an issue on Github for this request please.

Thank you

I will do that. Thanks Glenn