Slim not compatible with Facebook's HHVM in Repo Authoritative mode

looks like slim uses bindto which hhvm chokes on wen in Repo Authoritative mode (

Any chance of making slim compatible with hhvm in Repo Authoritative mode?


if there is a feature which has parity then yes.

Otherwise no as it would be a huge BC break.

the main features one would be to be able to take advantage of are the performance and memory utilization gains that hhvm gives you in repo authortitative mode. Basically it runs your code in precompiled form without the need for any source code.

The performance and memory management gains are significant, and still better than php7. I guess that’s why Facebook still uses hhvm and continues to develop it. Tons of stuff out on the web about this.

I mean if we can replace ->bindTo() with a function call that is equivalent and works in HHVM in Authoritative mode, then we can possibly make a change in the 3.x branch otherwise it will have to wait for 4.x since that would be a backward incompatible change.

I am guessing that the whole concept of binding an object as a scope is not allowed in HHVM.

This might be something we can look at for 4.x

sounds good. thanks!