Always return Page not found

Hello all, am trying to make my first API with slim 3 and I am having problems already. My configuration is like this:

UPDATE: The error

I already enable mod_rewrite, and added virtual host “slimrest” , my folder structure is:

am able to see the index.php file when doing slimrest/index.php/ but not getting into the parameters like slimrest/index.php/hello/something/

I already tried some other post with the solutions but not working for my case. Any help is really apreciated.

UPDATE: it works when I get to the file from “http://localhost/slimREST/public/index.php/hello/yo” so in fact it to htaccess related.

UPDATE: When slimrest/hello/name


Apparently it wasn’t reading the htaccess file outside the htdocs folder of MAMP, so I copy the folder with it’s contents, change the virtual host configuration that was pointing to where it was before and change the location to inside htdocs, first testing that “.htaccess” in fact was being parsed, after getting the expected “internal server error” uncommented all the code and try it out and it works. So my conclusion was that the htaccess file wasn’t parsed for been in other location outside MAMP>htdocs . Hope this become useful to anyone