Apache + FastCGI + Slim4

Hi All,

We had an issue with HTTP not found , and we are able to resolve this issue, as basically it was an issue with Apache, the solution was to increase the value of the Fcgid timeout parameter(FcgidBusyTimeout, FcgidIOTimeout ) as we are using FastCGI+Apache+PHP-FPM,
The reason to increase these parameter was that Apache was not able to load the page with the default timeout, so is there any recommendation on such parameters for Slim 4?

According to the documentation there is no recommendation for FcgidBusyTimeout and FcgidIOTimeout .


First time I’m hearing this issue. Again I don’t use Apache. I use Nginx with the default fastcgi params and never had a problem.


After further investigation we found 2 issue as below

First Issue

  1. We use fastcgi + Apache,
  2. The fastcgi is triggered by a Fgi wrapper script
  3. The path of this script was under the “/public” folder in Slim 3 and the path was defined as /FcigWapper/Fcigwarpper.php
  4. When we trying our Poc in Slim 4 we moved this folder above the “/public” folder,hence Apache was not able to find the script , so we had to adjust the Fcgi wapper script path in Apache configuration.

Second Issue
After resolving the first issue, we hit the timeout issue, the reason for this was we added additional functionality to our dash board , so the default time out period was not enough to load the entire page completely, so we have taken different approach to reduce this issue.