Cant work my project

my problem has a language problem "uft8_turiksh_ci " dont working my turkish database, how to adjust json, my language

My mysql contains turkish characters, Therefore json encoding is not working with my database.
im using slim and notorm framework link:
my related code:
// sehir getirme
$app->get(’/states/:id’, function($id) use ($app, $db) {
$app->response()->header(“Content-Type”, “application/json”);
$car = $db->gazisoft_state()->where(‘ilce_ID’, $id);
if($data = $car->fetch()){
echo json_encode(array(
‘id’ => $data[‘il_ID’],
‘ilceid’ => $data[‘ilce_ID’],
‘ilcesi’ => $data[‘ilce’],
‘sehri’ => $data[‘oylesine’]
echo json_encode(array(
‘status’ => false,
‘message’ => “States ID $id does not exist”
// end
Examples Link my database:

totorial link