Create API with JWT authentification

Good evening friends I want to create an API with slim and JWT but I don’t know how to proceed

Hello eliegueli!
I personally think the best way to start is:

There is also a solution for jwt.
So you probably save yourself a lot of time going down this path :slight_smile:
all the best


Can you help me? I really need help. If you have at least one sample code.

the Slim 4 Skeleton is the sample code you are looking for.
regarding the jwt part > you can get it via
its 10 usd > this is more than a fair thing - if you think how long you will sit to develop it for yourself.
and the implementation is spot-on
there are so many things to consider, if you want to develop a secure jwt solution. this is the solution for that I can tell you - I have looked a lot :slight_smile: