Different subfolder route question

I have 2 slim apps in the same directory. They both work, meaning I can get to them and all the routes work within the app. The only problem I am having is with this

$app->get('/', App\Action\Auth\Authentication::class . ':getSignIn') ->setName('home_page');

I cannot get to ‘/’. When I sign-out I am suppose to go back to the ‘homepage’, but instead i go the the root directory and get a 403 Forbidden because there is nothing in the root except two folders with slim apps in them. I have tried messing with my .htaccess, but have no idea what I am doing because like I said all my routes work except for the ‘root’ route. How do I fix this?


with more information maybe we could help you.
But, depends on server config and htaccess, slim gets root folder and you need to specify subfolder in routes:

$app->get('/subfolder_name', App\Action\Auth\Authentication::class . ':getSignIn')->setName('home_page');