Double value in header return with ovh

Hello I have a worry, I tried to put my api rest done with slim framework. I have an error in “the acces control origin has multiple value, one is allowed”, by looking a little on the head of return I notice that I receive the data in duplicate that this Either on chrome or internet explorer How to solve this ??

To know that I do not use CORS middleware because it did not work or I could not make it go so I wrote the headers directly at the beginning in my php


Can you test the request out in something like Postman or using curl, just to make sure you are definitely getting duplicate headers first.

Hey silentworks , thank for the reply, can you tell me how to perfom that please? I usually don’t do that :slight_smile:

So i think i get duplicate header no ?

And the next picture is when i’m use my webservice with wamp (local)