Fatal error while deploying in the server Slim\Middleware\SessionCookie

I have developed the application in local wamp server. its working fine here in the local.

i have copied the complete files to the server and also the database. when i access the application i am getting this error

Fatal error: Class ‘Slim\Middleware\SessionCookie’ not found in ********/public_html/public/index.php on line

folder structure

i dont have any files in the root folder and my index.php is in /public folder.

i am actually trying to access through domain.com/public i can deal with the direction to public from root later but you guys have any idea why i am getting fatal error in server?

i checked and sessioncookie file is not available in local too.

any help is much appreciated.

Please ignore this query.

i have found out that i files were not copied from vendor folder to the server.

i re copied and this issue is fixed.