Get basic Slim v2 working on GoDaddy

Hello Slim PHP community.

I currently have an API built with slim running on a LAMP stack on my pc and working smoothly.

My client has a GoDaddy " economy linux hosting with cpanel" web server which I have been attempting to upload the web app to.

At this point I am reduced on just trying to get a basic hello/world slim app working in the public_html directory.
I believe the .htaccess doc is not working as intended. I have spent 2 days reading and trying all kinds of combinations with no results. I tend to just get a “white screen of death” when the .htaccess file syntax is valid. Like if I upload the one from my local env that works, directly.

I have tried removing everything and following this guide.

But again white screen of death.

If anyone has any familiarity with the topic and could lend some insight I would appreciate it. To reiterate, at this point I just want to get the most basic form a slim app running.

Have you seen the apache/application log files?

I have access to a cPanel-Errors link which displays

    Last 300 Error Log messages in reverse order:

followed by an empty white box. This could be bugged since it displays blank. I have not identified any other way to view any error log files. I will try contacting support to see if it is.

i do not have an error_logs file or directory as specified in this link

I got it working, the issue was my own fault with some failing header includes. Just looking intensely in the wrong place.

So if anyone stumbles upon this, Slim php does indeed work quite easily on GoDaddy

Pl let us know what is missing we are not able to ssh to godaddy to run commands to configure slim

@jdeshkar if you can’t ssh into the server then you will need to install/configure it locally and upload by S/FTP.

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can you tell me what are the failing header includes by because i facing the same problem on my godaddy.

I believe I had typos in my PHP files that were causing slim not to load
correctly. I suggest following the guide for that basic hello world app
linked above

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