Getting Slim, Composer and Wordpress to behave together

Hi all, I have a custom wordpress plugin that requires slim (via Composer). This plugin works on localhost, but I am having trouble getting it to work in the staging site, which is wordpress. I couldn’t find much on Dr. Google about what quickstart tweaks I would need to make to the plugin’s path definitions to get wordpress to properly see the php content. So far i have determined that it relates to the following topics, but making sense of the interactions between these seems beyond me: STATIC_DIR, plugins_url(), FILE, $_SERVER, wp_enqueue_script(), adjust routing in htaccess, adjusting require statements in the plugin’s php files. I have the tools I need (FTP access, wordpress access, plugin tree and files) just not the smarts to tie it all together. Is there a good quickstart or step by step or repository for getting Slim working on a Wordpress site? Thanks.