[HELP] Middleware Parameter is available?

I wanted to know if there is any option to use the middleware parameter like laravel.

Laravel Middleware Docs

To make a long story short:
Request attributes.
So if you’ve done some authentication (AuthenticationMiddleware) and you pass to another one (i.e. AuthorizationMiddleware) you can simply:


$request = $request->withAttribute('user', ['whatever']);

and then within next middleware in chain:


$user = $request->getAttribute('user');

This is not what I am looking for.
I know the use of attribute but I think that doesn’t satisfies my need.

Instead of one generic RoleMiddlware you could use add more specific role based middleware to the route groups, e.g.

  • ->add(RoleEditorMiddleware::class)
  • ->add(RoleAuthorMiddleware::class)

The good thing is, they are autoload only on demand, and you could also combine them.


Yeah, I am using it and everything works fine but out of curiosity, just wanted to know if it is possible without making changes to the core framework.

I think this can be done just using the constructor method in the middleware class.