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Good day,
I finished developing my slim app and it works properly on my dev machine.
I installed all dependencies through composer.
I uploaded my website and dependencies to my free 000webhost for testing, renamed my public folder to public_html, when I visit my new website, it displays a blank page.
by default 000webhost uses HTTPS.
Could this be the cause?
Or is slim not supported by 000webhost?

The cause isn’t likely https. Slim’s Requirements are very minimal, so it should work just about everywhere.

If you are getting a blank page, PHP likely threw a 500 error. Look in your server’s log files to see what the error was.

Sorry for not replying.
Just figured out the issue thanks to your hint.
Finally used composer autoloader to load all my classes.

Composer Rules.
Thanks a Lot.
Don’t know how to repay you for the kind gestures you have shown me.

I’m happy to help whenever I can. Pay it forward. :slight_smile:

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