How to build a view from the 2 or more templates

Hi everyone.
The problem is that the solution proposed in the documentation
don’t shows how to assemble the view of more than one template.
(I use slim/php-view)

return $this->view->render($response, "tickets.phtml", ["tickets" => $tickets, "router" => $this->router]);

All that we have here - $response, template file, and data. And as a result, we get a response write to the browser. What about composite pages consisting of several parts? For example I have a couple of different templates that I need to put in the main between tags?
Mayby I can push data into template and pull it out to the variable to use it like data for render method?

Ok I found it.
This is my solution:
$total_data['body'] = $this->view->fetch("tickets.phtml", ["tickets" => $tickets, "router" => $this->router]);
PhpReder.php (namespace Slim\Views;) has public method “fetch” wich is exactly what I need. Actually all that render method do is fetch($template, $data), and than just returns response.