How to deploy Slim Application on cpanel?

I am new to Slim Framework and cpanel. When i build a slim application and drag and drop the files into Cpanel file manager the application does not work.I just drag a drop the files generated from this command without any edit.( composer create-project -s dev fabpot/silex-skeleton API ). Can anyone help what am i doing wrong ? of if it need some sort of configuration on Cpanel.

You installed a skeleton for silex not for slim

composer create-project -s dev fabpot/silex-skeleton API

Anyway, did you run the composer install command (Check if exists a vendor directory)?

PS Check the log for see what’s wrong.

the log file does not show anything. yes the vendor directory exists and the application is working perfectly on my local machine but the requests is giving me 500 internal server error and the log had some permissions issues but i fixed it. it is just driving me crazy because i can’t find out what is wrong.

Check you apache logs.
Your request is too generic, i can’t help you :confused: