How to get all routes who use middleware only?

I want to know which routes who use the middlewares?

Is it possible? Because I dont know which function to make this possible? I have try with getCallable() or getMiddleware() but not work.

Here is what I tried :
$app->map([‘GET’,‘POST’],’/test/route’,function(Request $request, Response $response) use($container) {
$body = $request->getBody();
$routes = $container->get(‘router’)->getRoutes();
foreach($routes as $route){
$data[] = [
‘pattern’ => $route->getPattern(),
‘methods’ => $route->getMethods(),
‘middleware’ => $route->getMiddleware(),
‘callable’ => $route->getCallable()
return $response
->withHeader(‘Content-Type’,‘application/json; charset=utf-8’)

Some of my route using middleware but I got null :
“pattern”: “/edit-profile/{username}”,
“methods”: [
“middleware”: [
“callable”: {}

Note: I have set determineRouteBeforeAppMiddleware to true

You can get the matching route from the $request object.


/** @var \Slim\Route|null $route */
$route = $request->getAttribute('route');

if (!$route) {
    // no matching route found
    return $next($request, $response);

// here you have the route...

Tipp: Better don’t use the use($container) language construct to “import” a “global variable”. Better use $this within the routing callback function. Example: $logger = $this->get('logger');

Thanks for your reply, but I was wrong to create the subject (I’ve edited this, to make clear about what I want to achieve).

Actualy, I want to get all routes in array, but only routes who use middleware, for example I just want to get which one routes who use session array?

My problem is I dont know how to determine the middleware name.

The reason I use $container is to get all routes.

I think this is not possible now in Slim

I think easiest (not prettiest) way would be create some static class with array and in each middleware “register” middleware usage

class YourMiddlewareCallStack { 
    private static $array = []; 
    public static function add($string) {self::$array[] = $string; }
    public static function getAll() {return self::$array; }

call this inside all your middlewares:

YourMiddlewareCallStack::add('some middleware name'); 

then, in your controller, just check if middleware name is in that array

in_array('middleware name your are looking for', YourMiddlewareCallStack::getAll() );

if you are using classes with __invoke as middleware it would be even easier and prettier

Thanks dude, Now I got idea how to make this better.

I think the json_encode function doesn’t support encoding of PHP callbacks / closures. For this reason the ‘middleware’ element is empty. Maybe use Xdebug or something else to see more details.

Here is a working example that shows true if a middleware exists per route.

$app->map(['GET', 'POST'], '/route', function (Request $request, Response $response) {
    $body = $request->getBody();

    /** @var \Slim\Route[] $routes */
    $routes = $this->get('router')->getRoutes();

    foreach ($routes as $route) {
        $data[] = [
            'pattern' => $route->getPattern(),
            'methods' => $route->getMethods(),
            'middleware' => !empty($route->getMiddleware()),
            'callable' => $route->getCallable()
    $body->write(json_encode($data, JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES | JSON_PRETTY_PRINT));

    return $response->withHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json; charset=utf-8')->withBody($body);

Example output:

        "pattern": "/withmiddlware",
        "methods": [
        "middleware": true,
        "callable": "App\\Action\\HomeIndexAction"
        "pattern": "/route",
        "methods": [
        "middleware": false,
        "callable": {}

Yes you’re right but I can’t make the condition with use bool only, I need the middleware name to make sure the array list is acurate.

Okay, but closures (callbacks) are anonymous functions with no names.
Also note that in Slim you can also add middleware to a routing group.

that is why is the static array generic option and will work also for this closures - but you need to add “middleware usage” in each of this function manually :wink: