How to get name of currently executing route

Does anybody know how to get the name of the route which is being executed/handled in the current request?


The \Slim\Route object has a getName() method. I recall you might need 'determineRouteBeforeAppMiddleware' => true in your settings, depending on when you need it. You should be able to:


Thank you. But allow me another related question:

How can I retrieve a properly initialized Request object from the global context? I’m asking because I did


which does return a Request object, but it doesn’t have the state/attributes which the Request passed to the controller functions has. I’ve looked through the Slim code but so far have not found anything which seems to do what I want.

Basically, I am interested in the route name, but in order to get this, I need a properly initialized Request object.


The Request object is immutable, so the one in the container isn’t the one you want. You need to use the one passed to the middleware, controller/action, or get the value you need from one of those places and pass it to where you do need it.

Thanks, that what I figured (and was afraid of). Need to re-engineer some code :slight_smile: