How to prevent Slim from catching exceptions?


I am using slim to build a rest api, and as such don’t normally have a web browser open making the requests to my server. Sometimes I will make a mistake that causes the server to return a general 500 error.

In the normal case I can quickly take a look at the tail of the server error logs an see what went wrong, but when slim catches all the exceptions, I get no error log entry. Then I have to open up a browser to make the request and see the error in the body of the response.

Is there a way to turn off this exception catching behavior?


See the disabling section at the System Error Handler docs.


What version of Slim?

if its v2 theres no way since Exceptions are used internally to manage application flow.

In v3 there’s a setting to control it… if you need more information about the error, you can enable additional information via the container setting $container['setting']['displayErrorDetails'] = true;