How to send to the last page after login?


hi i do a login with slim
now after the user come in to the system how u do that the user go to the last page him come in to the login page

Get previous route and redirect after action (submitting form etc.)

You could use for example session for storing last url.


u can show me how plz
with example?


Ofcourse you need to know how to use sessions properly, but simpy:

  • start session when bootstrapping your app: session_start();
  • when checking if user is logged in or not, save current url or route name to session
  • when user is logged in, check if session includes url or route name and if it does, then redirect to that


I cheated and used flash messages to store the referrer in my example app:


Flash uses sessions, so basically you did what I suggested but with some extra files and code :slight_smile:


Yep. It’s an example though :slight_smile:


I didn’t understand do II put that in the auth.php ?

Do you have an code example? And where do I put it?


I’m not sure what you’re asking and I don’t know what’s in your auth.php and what you’re trying to do. Would need more information to help you out.