How to task queues in slim3?

It might be my fault, I couldn’t find any thing about task queues in slim3. Can any one help me with some example?

That isn’t a feature that comes with Slim, however you could integrate other packages or services to include a queue runner.

Ok. Actually I failed to understand how to use other task queue package
with slim3. Can you give some example?

Sorry, I don’t use one myself.

You include a task-queue package via Composer.


Sometimes simple cronjobs (with mutex) are a “good enough”. Unfortunately, I don’t know your special use cases.

There are a lot of different message queue implementations that you can use.
Usually, the queue itself is not implemented in PHP, but most of them have a client implementation that you can use. For example RabbitMQ and the php-amqplib client.

Have you tried already to implement queues? This package is quite flexible, complex and requires Redis.

Which packages have you tried before?