Htaccess problems when I deploy site to a rental server

I developed the web site and want to deploy it to rental server.
When I deployed it to the server, I found I can not use PhpMyAdmin to manage my DB.
Who can help me? Many thanks in advance.

I deploy the site to the public_html directory like following:

|-log (this directory is shipped with server, I can not changed it)

The problem is: when I installed the MySQL, the PhpMyAdmin is also installed in log directory, which I can not change it at all.
When I access PhpMyAdmin from browser, the url is also captured by .htaccess set for slimframework.

I want to exclude the url(domain/log/) redirection from .htaccess file, but failed.
Does anybody can help me?
I have struggled for a whole day.
I tried to change .htaccess file under either public_html or public directory, I can not solve it.

I solved this problem by myself.
In the end, the directory structure is not correct, although web site still work properly.
The correct directory structure is:
move the content in public to public_html.
the other directories also needed to move to their proper level based on the public directory.