I'm cannot remove or modify cookie (FIG Cookie)

You are recommended use FIG Cookie.
And i have question.

If i set withPath method, i cannot remove or modify cookie any way.

This code sets a cookie that I can delete:

$setCookie = SetCookie::create(‘auth’)->withValue(‘1’);
$response = FigResponseCookies::set($response, $setCookie);

but this code set cookie that i cannot remove (expire) and modify in Safari and Chrome (other browsers not verified)

$setCookie = SetCookie::create(‘auth’)->withValue(‘1’)->withPath(’/’);
$response = FigResponseCookies::set($response, $setCookie);

What could it be?.. And how can I fix it?..

Hi musaev,

as pointed out here it seems the domain information is missing in the response cookie header. No solution so far, though.