Installation problem - 405 status code

Hi, I’m very new to Slim. I installed the framework as the user guide said, and when I launched the site I got this output in the webbrowser:

“statusCode”: 405,
“error”: {
“type”: “NOT_ALLOWED”,
“description”: “Method not allowed. Must be one of: OPTIONS”

Do you have any idea?

I’ve solved the problem finally.
(Just a notice, Slim 3 works properly, I had problem just with Slim 4)

It may help someone:
I have Wampserver, and I made the virtual host: D:/whatever…/slim-site, and after that I entered the public directory in the browser.
I replaced the virtual host path to D:/whatever…/slim-site/public and now it works fine.

I’ve solved the problem with:


after line: $app = AppFactory::create();