Is there a timeline or process for tagging releases?

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I’ve noticed that it’s been a while since the last release, both on the main framework and some of the other packages under the slimphp Github Organization. I wonder if there’s a process for when these will get tagged, or if it’s just a case of somebody with permission having the time to press the right buttons?

Specifically, I raised a bug in January against Slim-Psr7, and somebody kindly contributed a fix in March, but the last release of that package was over a year ago. Looking around, there seem to be similar small fixes unreleased on Slim-Csrf, Slim-Http and Slim-Skeleton as well as on the main Slim repo that would be good to see tagged.

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Rowan Tommins

Hi @IMSoP As far as I know there is no timeline for releases defined.

Can you please link to the issues you have mentioned?

Hi @odan,

The specific bug I’m personally interested in is this one: Stream incorrectly reports write-only pipe (STDOUT) as readable · Issue #215 · slimphp/Slim-Psr7 · GitHub

In general, you can see the unreleased changes by comparing each repo’s latest tag against its main branch:

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@IMSoP, I’ll see what I can do

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New releases;


@akrabat Fantastic, thank you very much!