JWT Token Invalid Signature

I’m searching for an hours now and can’t find a solution to this problem.

This is the code to generate JWT token. I used https://github.com/firebase/php-jwt library.

    $tokenId    = base64_encode(mcrypt_create_iv(32));
    $issuedAt   = time();
    $notBefore  = $issuedAt + 10;             //Adding 10 seconds
    $expire     = $notBefore + 60;            // Adding 60 seconds
    $serverName = 'serverName'; // Retrieve the server name from config file

    $secretKey = base64_decode(getenv('JWT_SECRET'));

     $data = [
        'iat'  => $issuedAt,         // Issued at: time when the token was generated
        'jti'  => $tokenId,          // Json Token Id: an unique identifier for the token
        'iss'  => $serverName,       // Issuer
        'nbf'  => $notBefore,        // Not before
        'exp'  => $expire,           // Expire
        'data' => [                  // Data related to the signer user
            'userId'   => '1', // userid from the users table
            'userName' => $UserName, // User name

    $jwt = JWT::encode(
            $data,      //Data to be encoded in the JWT
            $secretKey, // The signing key
            'HS256'     // Algorithm used to sign the token

    $unencodedArray = ['jwt' => $jwt];
    echo json_encode($unencodedArray);

And I verify the token at https://jwt.io/

Can anybody help me with this problem? I’m currently new in JWT. Btw, my project is Slim API.

Thank you very much.

@kontrasenyas Have you tried just using a simple secret key first? Like $secretKey = ‘123’?

Could be an issue fetching the secret key file.

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Yes. I didnt notice that I need to change the secret in jwt.io. Thanks!