Multilanguage site


I am goin to create a multilanguage site with Slim. I have created te array of languages, but all languages are showing a 404 error. From admin panel as well i am not able to add translations for other languages only for english and albanian.

how to fix this?

Slim doesn’t come with an admin panel. Are you using some sort of CMS built on top of Slim?

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At least show us a repository or something to see.

Your question has infinite answers :smiley:

Yes it has a CMS, Other languages are not showing their landing pages
It doesnt take translations from other languages only for AL and EN.
Just gives an error : Error
A website error has occurred. The website administrator has been notified of the issue. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.This is the view from admin panel.

You will need to either get support from the CMS provider or at least tell us what the CMS is as this is not Slim’s functionality.

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