Pagination in slim

Please how best can one do a pagination in a project using slim framework? i have googled around to see if there was a tutorial done on that but couldn’t find one. can i get help here?
Sorry i forgot to add i’m using eloquent db and twig template.

In this class, I fetch 16 items from the DB and post them… You provide a page number

class ShowGridAction extends Action
    protected $perPage = 16;

    public function render($event_string, $page = 0) {

        $event = CampaignEvent::findByString($event_string);
        if (! $event instanceof CampaignEvent) {
            $this->app->render("cs/error/404.php", ["msg" => "Event Not Found"]);
        if ($this->app->request->isAjax()) {
            $thumbs = EventMediaItem::getThumbnailsForOnPage($event->id, $page, $this->perPage);
            $base = $this->app->view()->get('base');

            //Todo put in template file
            ?><div class="row"><?php
            foreach ($thumbs as $thumbnail) {
                <div class="col-xs-6 col-md-3">
                    <a href="<?= $base ?>/<?= $event_string ?>/<?= $thumbnail->image_filename ?>?p=<?= rand(0, 100000) ?>" target="_self">
                        <img src="<?= $base ?><?= $thumbnail->thumbnail_path ?>" class="img-responsive"/>
        } else {

            $this->app->render('cx/image_grid.php', array(
                "event_string" => $event_string,
                "theme" => $event->getTheme(),
                "page" => $page,
                "max_page" => ceil(EventMediaItem::getThumbnailCountFor($event->id) / $this->perPage)

    public function init()
        // TODO: Implement init() method.

This is just some old code… maybe itll help you out.

Take a look at … pagination with eloquent is really easy.

Have you actually used it outside of Laravel ?

You get this error when you call links or render:

Type: Error
Message: Call to a member function make() on null
File: /home/vagrant/Code/slim/** Your Project**/vendor/illuminate/pagination/LengthAwarePaginator.php
Line: 90

It’s expecting static::viewFactory()->make which does not exist, at least outside of Laravel.