Pass Eloquent Model from Middleware to Action


I created my own OAuth Middleware and got a question about using it with Slim-Skeleton.

I got 2 layers of middleware.

First - Checks Token and validate it. When it is ok, I add it to request as an attribute.
Second - Check if the User email is registered:

User::where(‘email’, $data[‘email’])->firstOrFail();

Now when I got the User model I add it again to request attribute.

Next I got my routes Actions that Extend the main Action in which I take the User Model out of the request and put it in the main protected variable in MainAction.

And here is my question.

Cause I can have my all DB functionality inside User model like take all orders like this:

return $this->respondWithData($this->user->orders()->get()->toArray());

So do I need Repositories at all if my data logic is like this??

Is it ok and save to have it like that ??

Do I break some big workflow patterns?

Everything is working nicely but it turns out I’m removing quiet a big amount of code and functionality from Slim Skeleton and I’m worried that I’m taking to much.

Is there a better way to pass it from Middleware to Action

Any suggestions and thoughts about this approach ??