Php7 and auth module problem

I have just moved our API to a new server with php7 instead of php 5.6. The following line is throwing a 500 error.

$auth = new Auth($this->db,$this->logger);

the $db construct was set in config/Settings.php

Any idea why this might error out? Perhaps a missing php module? Is there a slim -> php7 migration guide?

The error 500 is a very general message from the server that an error has occurred.

Try the following:

  • The server’s error log will provide more details about the error.
  • Activate error details: $settings['displayErrorDetails'] = true;
  • Enable error reporting:
    • error_reporting(E_ALL);
    • ini_set('display_errors', '1');
  • Logging errors in Slim 3
  • Make sure the required PHP (7) extensions are installed
  • Check the the filesystem (read / write) permissions.
  • Check directories and filenames for lower- and uppercase (Windows <> Linux)
  • Specify the PHP version under config > plattform > version value your composer.json
  • Fix the autoloader. Run composer update --no-dev again
  • Try to disable all middleware handler (temporary)
  • Check all your PHP files for (syntax) errors with a PHPLint and PHPStan
  • Clear the routing cache file (if exists)
  • Does your Apache DocumentRoot points to the public folder?
  • Is the Apache mod_rewrite module enabled?
  • Validate the database connection parameters.