Pimple and nikic show error in netbeans will it effect

installed slim using composer but the netbeans ide show error in pimple and nikic folders, can some please help. error are show in the images pimple_error.png and nikic_error.png DROPBOX LINK TO IMAGES

Those files are Hack instead of PHP.

Are you using Hack? Or was this installed by accident.

It was installed by accident. I tried reinstalling 3 times but error is not resolved.
I installed slim by using composer, here are the contents of composer.json
"require": { "slim/slim": "^3.0" }
a vendor folder was created with error in nikic and pimple directory and by some preliminary search I found that Hack is not supported in netbeans. please suggest what to do, will it effect any sublime functionality ?

Netbeans will mark some files as containing errors because Netbeans cannot parse those files properly. Fast-route (a dependency of Slim) seems to have tests files written in Hack. You won’t need those to develop and run your application, so you can ignore the warnings that Netbeans shows there.