Question about slim/slim-skeleton

Since slim/slim-skeleton is mentioned in the main page ( I assume this an official way to go with Slim framework. There are several strange things in slim/slim-skeleton, but one bothers me a lot.

<Files .htaccess>
order allow,deny
deny from all

in both .htaccess files. This is Apache 2.2 syntax and now it is deprecated. So why is it there? As far as I know slim/slim-skeleton is not that old and abandoned…

This example from the Slim documentation should be up2date. Can you please test it?

I know that example in Slim documentation is correct. The question was more about relationships between Slim and slim-skeleton. I assume both are created by the same people.

Hi Vakrug,

Why not suggest a pull request with the updated syntax? This is your chance to contribute to Slim Framework!

  • Because I don’t believe no one have noticed this problem for 2 years (this is how old these files are according to git).
  • Because I am not an expert in apache configuration. Commenting out these lines seems help, but who knows what side effects will arise?
  • Because this would be “I don’t understand this, so I will change this” attitude. Is this is a default behavior in Slim community?

The core maintainers are the same, but the contributors are different for each project. Thus, the code samples and documentation may not be perfectly synchronized.

I think your initial question about the deprecated syntax would be a good one for the slim-skeleton issues.

Ha that reminds me, I should probably look at my webserver configs sometime. Haven’t changed them in many years. Copy paste change server done.

Also… Who still uses Apache puke