RabbitMQ & Slim


We started to implement the use of RabbitMQ as a sort of event-bus for our app. We began to implement this inside some of our REST API endpoints and now are receiving the 500 response codes for routes that use the RabbitMQ functionality (using php-amqplib). I have a feeling it has something to do with the way the streams are handled, but can’t be sure.

Any suggestions on how we might go about handling this would be greatly appreciated!

I think @geggleto has experience with RabbitMQ and Slim…

Thanks! Here’s hoping @geggleto is listening and can offer up some guidance!

Hi, I use the same package and i gave nonproblems. it sounds like an infrastructure problem. Can i see some example code ?

@geggleto - see this GitHub ticket that has some sample code and use case. We do have some middleware classes attached to the routes that hand authentication and logging.


oh docker :slight_smile: hahahaha