Reporting is E_ALL but fatal errors are not logged anymore


Since i updated to PHP7.2, fatal errors are not logged anymore and they return an empty response.
I do log into /var/log/apache2/error.log, it has always been working very well until now.
Warnings, Notices, etc … they are all there, but Fatal Errors just don’t show up. (level of reporting is E_ALL).
Without Slim, PHP Fatal errors do appear into the log file.

I’m not experienced enough to understand how Slim works, but i started checking the run() method from App.
The first thing i noticed is by adding a nasty echo “foo”; in it, things came back to normal,
the details of the fatal error are well written into the log file and a “Slim Application Error” shows up in the response. As soon as i remove this echo, fatal errors disappear from logs again.
Can it be an ob/headers issue ? I see it a lot into run() and respond() methods.

I can’t say much more, i 'm scratching my head on it for few hours already.
Any ideas is appreciate, thanks in advance for your time.

Hum … it seems to be coming from one of my middlewares.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sorry i spoke too fast, it is not coming from my middlewares.
I removed them all, the same is happening :sob:

Fixed by reinstalling the whole system.