Routes scheme Slim+Angular2

Maybe question not in right place but here are much good people)

I have a big app on Angular 2 on front. I created back on slim framework. It works good however I not sure in routes scheme. Now I have something like:

$app->group('/locations', function () {
	$this->get('', 'Controllers\LocationsController:allLocations');
	$this->post('', 'Controllers\LocationsController:createLocation');

	$this->group('/{id:[0-9]+}', function () {
	     $this->get('', 'Controllers\LocationsController:getLocation');
             $this->post('', 'Controllers\LocationsController:updateLocation');

and send request only with Locations without dependencies. Know you some article about very good routing scheme?


Personally i split all routes in different files and i don’t use group

This is a very handy boilerplate i wrote for little/fast projects

Your structure is ok for me if you use one big route file.
Splitting the file and removing group is so much more readable.

I haven’t found any specification or best practices for the routing, you can try to read in this old topic: