Routing with floats in the URL


Hi guys, sorry if this is a silly question but any idea why, given a routing rule of:

$app->get(’/calculator/{operator}/{parameter1}/{parameter2}’, CalculatorHandler::class . ‘:calculate’);


works, but


does not?

I’ve tried adding a regular expression to the parameter2 routing rule, but no luck there either.

Thanks in advance.

Path issue (404) on some routes using PHP builtin webserver

Are you using the PHP built-in web server? It may actually try to look for a file called 5.5 instead of calling the Slim front controller.


Thanks for your reply. Yes I am. Is there anything that can be done to make the route work? If not, I’ll just switch to posting the parameters instead.


You can use index.php/calculator/1/5/5.5 instead of calculator/1/5/5.5 in the URL to ensure that the PHP built-in web server calls the front controller (index.php).

Another option is to use a router script when starting the built-in web server, see for example


Much appreciated, thank you!