Server Error / 404 - File Not Found

Hello :slight_smile:
We are trying to run our website on our own ip address instead of “localhost”, we are getting a server error when clicking on any buttons of the app (in the console:“http://myIpAddress:9999/myIpAddress:8888/cart/incrementProduct”), noting that we added the same ip address in the config.php file, and we run the website with the following command in Windows Powershell:
for the Frontend folder → "php -S myIpAddress:9999
for the Backend folder → "php -S myIpAddress:8888
Does anyone have any advice or can help with this issue?
Will appreciate fast answers !

It seems that the issue might be related to the URL configuration in your application. The application is trying to call an endpoint with a URL that includes the IP address twice, which might not be correct.