Slim 3 Eloquent 5 call stored procedures

Good Day

this is a absolute newbie question,

how can I call a stored procedure using eloquent? some examples that i see

use Illuminate\Database\Query;

$data =  DB::statement(DB::raw("CALL nameofSP('1', '2');"));

but when i try to run the app showme erros like

Fatal error: Class 'DB' not found

Try something like this:

$dbConn = \Illuminate\Database\Capsule\Manager::connection();
$dbConn->statement ("CALL nameofSP('1', '2');");

Warning, I didn’t test this, but it should work.

in this update… i got some advance, let me show

first you must correct instance eloquent on dependencies.php for ex.

$capsule = new \Illuminate\Database\Capsule\Manager;

$container['db'] = function ($c) use ($capsule) {
    return $capsule;

then you can call raw query as:

$result = $this->db->connection()->statement("CALL nameofSP(:param1, :param2);", array(':param1' => $val1, ':param2' => $val2));

this return



but not show the array of results… in my case i change statement for select and it works…

$result = $this->db->connection()->select("CALL nameofSP(:param1, :param2);", array(':param1' => $val1, ':param2' => $val2));