Slim 3: Used/tested Middlewares, Add-Ons & Packages

Hi, guys!

I’m really new using Slim Framework 3 and I can say that my project is going very well. Like you know, for any framework it is important also the community, also the contributions.

My issue right now is that we do not have a clear list with Middlewares, Add-ons and Packages we can use in development.

We can find something here ( and there (, but we need to test by ourselfs.

  1. Can you suggest a verified list of Middlewares, Add-ons and Packages for Slim Framework?
  2. Can you say that what is working for Slim 2 will surely work with Slim 3?

Please let me know how to proceed …
Any advise/suggestion is welcome!

Thank you!

I don’t believe such a “verified” list exists. Slim’s “slim” nature means you can integrate just about anything with it, but also means you need to do just a bit of the configuration yourself. The list of packages and middleware that can be used with Slim 3 would be incredibly long and nearly impossible for an OS project to maintain.

  1. Specifically for middleware, since Slim is based on PSR-7, you should be able to implement any middleware that follows the PSR-7 signature. For example you should expect most everything in PSR7-middlewares to work.

  2. You should not expect anything that works in Slim 2 to work with Slim 3 without changes, as Slim follows semver you should expect things to break. Specifically, writing middleware for Slim 2 is much different than Slim 3, so middleware designed for Slim 2 would need to be updated to work with Slim 3.

Hi, TFlight!

Already I feel more comfortable having your details, but I still hope for few other points of view or comments.

It is really helpfull!
Thank you.

Also, between this forum and the Slack channel if you ask for package recommendations or help configuring a certain package for Slim, you’re likely to get good help and advice. That can be better than a list of packages someone says they got to work, but without info or instructions on how to make it work.

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