Slim 4 - Got old values from database after modifications

Hello guys,

I’m using Slim 4 for my application. When I modify a value in the db and I try to get the list, Slim returns old values. But this only lasts for a time, after the correct values are returned.

Can someone help me?

This doesn’t sound like an issue with Slim, rather it is likely an issue with your application, webserver, to application. Are you using any sort of database cache? OPcache? What do the headers look like in the response that contains old data?

I am not using database cache. I did a manual change, directly in the database, and used postman to display the list of data, which is where I found that the old value is returned instead of the new one

I verified on my php config server, the opcache option is not activated.

Maybe have a look at the response headers for cache control, expires, etc.

This is my response header, how can i do what you suggest ?

Those are the headers that you are setting, but what do the headers look like that the client (postman in your case) receives, particularly for a request that has old data?

I solved my problem, I have written a check script wrong.

Thanks for your support.