Slim Application Error

Hello, im new at slim(v3) and php. I am trying to create REST API.Its all okay when i try to use get method but i am getting this error when im trying to use post and delete methods on postman:
“Slim Application Error.
A website error has occurred. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.”
Also, its a 500 Internal Server Error. These are my codes:

I know its not about slim framework but i want to explain something else just in case. My postman application was working fine a few days ago and now its not opening. I can open it just from google web store. I tried to delete and reinstall postman and database(which is in phpMyAdmin). I am wondering why i am getting this error.

The 500 error is generic. Look in the error log of your web server for a more specific error message.

well, i cant believe myself. I used “=” instead of “->” at line 74 and there is no “/” before api/customer/delete.:joy: I changed those and it fixed. But i really thank you for your answer because i didnt know how to look error log and i research and find it then i find whats the error. So im appreciate to you. :slight_smile: