Slim for PHP4 (4.4.8)

Like to develop a RESTful service with Slim and PHP (CRUD operations, MySQL database).

But my web hoster only provides PHP4 (PHP 4.4.8-pl0-gentoo) and the Slim documentation says that PHP 5.5 is a per-requisite for the current version.

Exists there an older version that works with PHP4?

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Change your hosting provider.

PHP 4.4 is insecure and far too old to be using today.


You can use Slim 1 maybe… but i don’t know how you would get ahold of it.

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The PHP 4 documentation was removed from the PHP Manual in August 2014, approximately six years after PHP 4 reached its end of life. However, we have provided downloadable copies of the manual for anyone who would need it.
8 years ago end of life.


Thank you all for your prompt replies!

I’ve asked my Webhoster ( to provide a more current version of PHP …


According to the site at the pro and multi tiers offer PHP 7.0.

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When I call phpinfo() on my site I get the information:

PHP Version 4.4.8-pl0-gentoo

System Linux http2 #1 Fri Oct 21 22:44:44 CEST 2016 i686
Build Date Aug 7 2008 15:34:02


You are right to expect PHP 7.0 when calling phpinfo().

Hm … using Pro … I have to talk to my webhoster

I need to upgrade my web space … upgrade is running …


After upgrade process now: PHP version: 7.0.19-1

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