Slim-Http error

In Slim 3, I could do:
$app->group(’’’, function () use ($app) {
})->add(new Guest($container));

But now with Slim 4 I have migrated everything, especially Guest:
$response = $handler->handle($request);

if (Sessions::isAuthenticated()) {
	return $response->withRedirect("URL");

return $response;

And I get an error message when I try to make a POST request.

Call to undefined method Slim\Psr7\Response::withRedirect()

But the middleware works perfectly with a GET request

That’s because Slim-Psr7 does not implement that method anymore. You’ll need to use the Slim-Http decorators on top of Slim-Psr7.

Also, don’t use $app to add routes within a group. You need to use the RouteCollectorProxy like so:

$app->group(function (RouteCollectorProxy $group) {

The problem is that I already use Slim-Http, $request->withRedirect() works very well with a GET request but not with a POST request

I need to see more code in order to be able to give you an answer. If you could gist something up with your index.php, GET/POST routes, etc.

If I am logged in and go to /login it redirects and no errors.
If I am disconnected and I go to /profile it redirects and no errors.

If I go to login and make a POST request, then I will get the error “Call to undefined method Slim\Psr7\Response::withRedirect()”

If I remove $group->post(’/login’,‘LoginController:post’); from the group, everything works perfectly but even players already connected can access this page with a POST request.

See for solution.