Slim, SOAP, Basic Auth


I have legacy project with slim 2.4. This is simple project – simple SOAP service.
It sends this header.
$response->header(“Content-Type”, “text/xml; charset=utf-8”);

Now I need to add Basic Http Auth to my code.
But when I enabled Auth on Apache side it did not work.
I think Apache cannot serve SOAP with auth.
So I think I need to add slim middleware to Auth requests.

BUt I have no composer on my server (I have no SSH) and this legacy project have no “vendor” directory. somebody who created this project just use “include” to include Slim.

How I have coule of questions.
How can I include middleware library in this situation. I do not want to refacor this code.
And which auth library I need?

Hello @skhello27,

I think enabling BASIC auth using Apache should work and is simpler to set up then using code. What problems did you encounter when setting op BASIC auth?