Slim Usage Criticism Requested

Hello fellow Slim users! I really enjoy the simplicity of the Slim Application and the features it brings. My question today revolves around taking that simplicity and making it more modulated to our standards in coding.

Currently, this is my Application Class File


class Application {
---- protected static $app;
---- protected static $con;

----- function __construct() {
-------- self::$app = new Slim\App;
-------- self::$con = self::$app->getContainer();
---- }

Any other class that required the utilization of $app would just call Application::$app. Now my question in relation to the above, is it too much? Or is this approach appropriate for the type of project, which is an eCommerce platform for personal usage.

Some other Examples:

Route.php Class

class Route extends Application {
---- function get($path,$callable) {
-------- return self::$app->get($path,$callable);
---- }

Route::get('/', function () {
---- echo 'test';


Route::get('/user/account/', "userAccountController:dashboard");

I am open to criticism and feedback, have to learn somehow!