Slim v2.6 - Request getPath with request-target in absolute-form


What I’ve understood from the RFC,
"To allow for transition to the absolute-form for all requests in some
future version of HTTP, a server MUST accept the absolute-form in
requests, even though HTTP/1.1 clients will only send them in
requests to proxies."

One should support requests like:
GET http://domain/path HTTP/1.1
But now if I make a request like that to Slim framework, request()->getPath() will return:

Which then does not do the same effect than requesting:
GET /path HTTP/1.1
because then request()->getPath() will return /path as expected.

I’ve done workaround for this with own:
public function getRequestPath() { return '/' . parse_url(ltrim($this->request()->getPath(), '/'), PHP_URL_PATH); }

So question is, am I reading the RFC right and should Slim’s getPath return the path correctly also when the request is done with absolute-form?