Slim won't take long URLs

I’m using Apache 2.4 and Slim works fine. But, I have a route that has a unique identifier passed to it, and if this identifier is too long, instead of getting a slim error, I get an Apache error.

My .htaccess file checks out, and all other routes function properly. After making these identifiers shorter, I no longer received the error. However, I feel that this shouldn’t be needed. Is it my web server or has anyone else had this sort of issue with slim.

How long is the identifier? I just looked in my Apache 2.4 setup and was able to pass a parameter 1,000 characters long to a get request that was characters long and it worked fine-- although anything much longer than that failed.

Please post the url that you think is too long and also this issue seem to be related to Apache and not Slim based on your message.

It is better to provide examples when asking questions as its easier for someone else to test and see if they have the same issue.